Czech Republic, Monday, September 12 2011

Blom Czech Republic realized together with the company Control System International Ltd. a terrestrial laser scanning of selected green for company SAFE TREES Ltd.  Subject of interest were 9 grown trees in Jihlava for which, based on the obtained data the static situation will be reviewed, and an overall evaluation of the condition of these trees will be performed. Using the method of laser scanning highly accurate and detailed data about the parameters of the crown and trunk of trees are delivered for subsequent evaluation. Quality of the data brings greater reliability and accuracy of the overall assessment than was previously customary using only estimates of those parameters.


The collected data will be used to process stress analysis which is required as one of the steps for determining the operational safety of the trees for so-called pulling tests. The stress analysis consists from stressing of tested trees by small forces and in determining of their response in the area of ​​ trunk deformation (interpreted as resistance to break and torsion) and tilt of the root plate (interpreted as a refutation of resistance.

The result of whole procedure is the most detailed evaluation of the operational safety of valuable trees in the residential green.

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